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The concept
Addictive Sailing is not a traditional boat renter. We offer you boats that are incredibly fast and confortable as any major cruise boat. You will discover sailing on a multihull like never before. You won't be able to leave the helm once you'll have tested the sensations the TS5 can give you, except maybe to discover the magical sceneries of the our many destinations.
...We're not renting floating trailers. We sail fast & safe!

Discover the feeling of performance sailing in a large, confortable boat.



Our approach, largely different from regular boat renters, is to put you at the helm of a performing sailing boat in any weather conditions, and share our knowledge of ocean racing with very high standards for safety and confort. If you want to take part in the manoeuvres, night shifts and all the daily tasks of an ocean racer, our skipper will be happy to guide you. If you prefer to laze about on deck and enjoy the ride, don't worry, our skippers are all certified RYA Yacht Master sailors and will take care of the boat and catering.


It's a unique, immersive experience that will reveal your inner strength and will make you ask for more! The first addiction of sailing is to discover our potential and the immense ressources that are waiting to show inside of us.

Enjoy the wonders of the Atlantic coast.



Our seconde engagement at Addictive Sailing is to bring you to unique places, far from tourism highways, always searching for isolated moorings in nature. We are preparing for you a cruise tailored to your desires, an experience that will bring you back to nature and to yourself.

No packed moorings and beaches, no waiting lines, here we always put authenticity and nature first. We also refill the onboard kitchen with fresh products from local producers at each stop!

(1 - 6 people)

You will discover offshore sailing as a crew member and sail with an experienced professional ocean racer familiar with singlehanded sailing.

This incredible experience is at everyone's grasp regardless of your sailing knowledge. You will challenge yourself, discover the rhythm of ocean life as an active member of the crew in the manoeuvres, and be amazed by the nights at sea!

(up to 8 people)
You can also rent the whole boat for yourself and your family and friends. You'll be with an experienced skipper who will work with you on a personalised journey depending on your preferences. You can choose to spend the night in a harbour of your choice, or to set anchor in a beautiful bay. 
You create your own trip and discover the Saint Laurent Gulf, the Caribbeans, or even learn kite surfing in the Grenadines!

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